TYPICAL PRODUCTUltra Sonic Polishing Machine Sheenus ZERO


Improved visibility

[Controller] An informative digital LED display on the controller clearly shows the operation function. Output, amplitude, watt, and error code are displayed.
[Handpiece] Blue LED on the handpiece flashes during operation to indicate power on.

Light weight

[Controller] 29% weight reduction compared with the previous model. Convenient to carry around.
(Previous model: 2.1 kg→ Sheenus ZERO: 1.5 kg)
[Handpiece] 140g light weight, ergonomically designed resin body

Sheenus ZERO applies optimized frequency to the tools.

The transmission efficiency has been improved by 16% compared to the previous product (Sheenus neo).

Improved energy consumption

13% reduction compared to the previous product. (Previous model: 31 W → Sheenus ZERO: 27 W)

Heat protection function

Sheenus ZERO automatically suppresses the output to prevent over-heating, to allow continuous use.
(When temperature increases rapidly, the product will automatically stop.)

(2) Specifications