TYPICAL PRODUCTIndustrial Die Grinder AP-105DK (6mm)


1.  Proper rotation speed, safe operation

2.  High torque, which can maximize the potential of DAIWA RABIN

3.  Beautiful finishing can be achievable with less process, with much less time

4.  Longer durability of DAIWA RABIN

5.  Applicable also for the biggest size (Φ40)of DAIWA RABIN with AP-128AL-8A

(2) Models



(3) How and why

Historically, the pneumatic grinders have been developed toward “higher speed, higher precision”.
This was good for general grinding stone but not for rubber grinding stone and DAIWA RABIN,
which requires lower rotation speed and higher torque.

For this reason, there was no pneumatic grinder suitable for DAIWA RABIN, and this mismatch 
often caused unfavorable results. Using DAIWA Rabin with higher rotation speed leads not only
worse performance of product but also injuries of workers.

Fortunately, thanks to the good cooperation with tool manufacturers who have a keen interest
 in the potentiality of Daiwa Rabin, we could launch above 3 exclusive grinders, after repeating 
trial and error.

By introducing these exclusive grinders, you can expect the best performance of DAIWA RABIN,
with the good rubber elasticity.