Microcomputer control

-Smooth and comfortable operation by built in microcomputer. This will control best torque for each motor automatically.

Auto cruise foot pedal

-It is possible to fix the rotation speed when using foot pedal. No more necessary to keep stepping foot pedal.

Self-diagnostic function

-G7 controller checks condition of motor and controller for safety reason. When heating up, fan inside the controller start automatically to reduce the temperature.

Load indicator

-8 steps load indicator allows operator to see the condition clearly. For longer life time, it will be cautioned for overwork.

Digital rotation display

-2-digit display is for easy adjustment of rotation speed. Appropriate rotation speed for each tool brings out the best performance.

Error code

-When heating up, overload and defective of motor cord, error code is displayed for easy trouble shooting.

For old type motor cord

-It is possible to connect old type motor to this new controller. Rotation speed and error code are not going to be displayed while using old type motor.

Operation volume control

-It sounds beeping when pushing button, and also when overworks for cautions. It is possible to adjust sound volume as vol.3, vol.2, vol.1 and none.

Mode selection

-Automatically find motor on A or B. It is also possible to use foot pedal only connecting to controller.

Convenient accessories

-Motor hanger for keeping motor handpiece, and carrying handle is equipped on controller for easy carrying.